Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

One-Way Dribble from Dominican Republic to Alcatraz

Venue David Pou/Red Bull Content Pool

Heibel J. Taveras will represent Dominican Republic in the world final of Red Bull King of the Rock.

With excited cheers from more than 2,000 spectators in Plaza España and with #Kingoftherock being a trend topic in the country’s Twitter, Heibel set down his mark in the Dominican history as the first man that will play basketball in the iconic island.

“I had great expectations about the competition, but they were all surpassed when I saw the level the others players had. It wasn’t easy but I did it! I am very appreciative of the opportunity and I promise to give my best in Alcatraz,” shared the excited winner right after he was proclaimed the champ.

The energy was felt all around as the 16 finalists chosen from over 190 participants in three qualifiers battled it out on the court. For extra excitement, an All-Star game with popular media and former national basketball stars took place and created a Twitter frenzy in the country.

And now Heibel heads to Alcatraz, and for the first time the Caribbean nation will be represented in the one-on-one street basketball game.

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