Pushing Twilight

About Pushing Twilight

A group of disenchanted twenty-somethings assembles a strange weekly meeting, seeking an outlet for their unfulfilled urges. Daring each other to complete a series of tasks, each participant soon finds themselves going to places - and lengths - they never thought possible. At each gathering, they reveal the stories of their after-hours adventures... But as the tasks become more and more outlandish, and the stakes get higher and higher, the group begins to wonder about the intentions of their mysterious host.

Red Bull and IFC called upon the amateur filmmaking community to pitch us their pilot or trailer for a web series that explored the concept of "after hours." The winning filmmaker would have the opportunity to work with an industry recognized production company to create his/her very own web series.

Filmmakers were forced to ask what can be done after dark, how do one's attitudes change, and how are rules and expectations altered when the clock hits a certain hour? Blurred motivation, a secret meeting, and a curious host helped make "Pushing Twilight" the winner of the Red Bull "After Hours" Web Series Challenge.


About the Filmmakers

Director Steve Sprinkles

Steve Sprinkles always loved movies but living in Northern California he didn't know that a career in film was possible, so instead he attended San Jose State and The Academy of Art with a focus on illustration and oil painting.

After working in graphic design for several years he was compelled to take filmmaking classes at De Anza College. In 2006 he directed "Aw Crap! It's a Musical", which won Best Film for 2006 at the National Film Challenge. He also directed "The Last Woman on Earth" which played in festivals and on IFC in 2007. Recently Steve relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco; he now works in motion graphics for film and television.

Screenwriter Stuart Chait

Stuart Chait hails from Rochester, New York, and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Boston University with a Bachelor's in film and a Master's in playwriting.

He's written several plays, including "A Night with Edgar", which he directed in 2001, and "Boundaries", which received a staged reading at Boston Playwrights' Theater in 2003. In 2005, he helped found Troupe West, an independent theater company in Los Angeles, and directed its debut production, "inSignificant Others". Most recently, his short film "Voices" appeared at the 2007 LA International Short Film Festival. Currently, he works as a writer and producer on documentary programs for the History Channel.

Check out the full web series.


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