Athlete: Reggie Bush

Some things in life are sacred. And in this neck of the woods, one of those things is high school football. Traditions: we respect them. But sometimes it’s good to shake things up. For example, what if players could score on the defensive side of the ball? Shouldn’t a slick interception or a defensive stop in the red zone be points-worthy? What if legendary teams that never had the chance to clash had a moment in time to start a new rivalry? Tulsa’s Union vs. Dallas’ Cedar Hill, for example. And what if Super Bowl champion and Red Bull athlete Reggie Bush, one of today’s definitive game breakers, coached these rising high school stars? Yes, it’s time to separate the players from the game breakers.

At six regional qualifiers, 96 high school teams (nearly a thousand young football players) will compete in an innovative 7 on 7 style tournament for the chance to play at the Cotton Bowl in downtown Dallas and prove who really is a shot caller, play maker and game breaker. Join us as we find out at the Red Bull Game Breakers Final on June 25. Texas’ best college drum lines will perform, along with the most famous cheerleaders in the world, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Red Bull Game Breakers Qualifiers
June 2: New Orleans, Tulane University School
June 6: Stillwater, Oklahoma State University
June 8: Houston, Alief Taylor High School
June 11: Dallas, Cedar Hill High School
June 15: San Antonio, UTSA Intramural Field
June 18: Austin, Stoney Point High School

Red Bull Game Breakers Finals
June 25: Dallas, The Cotton Bowl


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