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Last night, under the lights of Tulane’s intramural fields, in front of 1,000 spectators, 15 teams gathered, all prepared for an epic football showdown. But this isn’t your typical Friday night high school game; this is football…Red Bull style.
Red Bull Game Breakers is an innovative 7 on 7 style tournament which awards points for game breaking moments as well as touchdowns. It gives players the opportunity to prove who really is a shot caller, play maker and game breaker.  
After a grueling competition, it came down to St. Augustine High School and Edna Karr High School. Huddled on the sidelines, New Orleans Saints running back and Super Bowl Champ, Reggie Bush, gave the teams one last pep talk before they took to the turf to prove their status as a “game breaker.”
St. Augustine, the perennial Louisiana powerhouse, completed the tournament undefeated to claim the victory. Both teams will advance to the Red Bull Game Breakers Finals at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on June 25, 2010.
"It's all falling into place. This is awesome. We are going to bring it home. Louisiana is football nation! Texas and Oklahoma have no chance," said Marc Edwards, 17-year-old rising senior from New Orleans high school St. Augustine.
Some things in life are sacred. And in this neck of the woods, one of those things is high school football. Traditions: we respect them.   But sometimes it’s good to shake things up. Red Bull Game Breakers is very simply put – football with more game! It’s high school football Red Bull style. This innovative 7 on 7 tournament, consisting of six regional qualifiers (New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Stillwater, Dallas and San Antonio), and one all-star studded final (Dallas), will no doubt separate the players from the “game breakers” and give the best teams in the region (who might not otherwise have the chance to play each other) the opportunity to compete. Yes, it’s time to separate the players from the game breakers.
“I would encourage every guy playing in Red Bull Game Breakers this summer to work hard and stay passionate and committed to their team,” said Reggie Bush, “We can all talk a big game, but real rising stars do more than talk. And that is worth real respect."



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