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This morning’s practice at the Australian Grand Prix started in brilliant sunshine, but by the afternoon session we were left with drizzle, a strong run from Mark and a spin-off for Sebastian.

In second practice, Mark ended the day third quickest on the timesheets in Albert Park while Seb was 16th quickest after his spin near the end of the period.

Non-Melbourne Australians say this is a great place, somewhat spoiled by the unpredictable climate. And so it was this afternoon: the later start time (4pm over here) of afternoon practice brought with it clouds, then spots, then drizzle before the precipitation could eventually be classified as rain.

Mark produced his best time in the second session, finishing third quickest with 1:26.248. “It wasn’t too bad today," he said. "Everyone’s programs were disrupted in P2 with the intermittent weather. It’s pretty much the team’s worst nightmare when the weather’s just on the edge like that; you can’t commit to learning too much in the wet and it’s quite tricky in the dry as well. We had a couple of windows where we got some information though, so we have good data to go through tonight.”

While Seb completed his program fifth fastest in the morning, his foray off-track in the afternoon meant he dropped down the order. “I had a drift off track," he said. "Obviously it wasn’t ideal, but it happens – that’s what practice is for. It was my mistake; I was a bit too far to the left when hitting the brakes. It meant I missed the most important time on the track at the end of P2, but the car feels good and Mark showed that we are right there. It looks very close between the top cars.”

The Team’s Practice Times:

Mark Webber
First Practice Session
Position: 14, Best Time: 1:28.683, Laps: 22, Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session
Position: 3, Best Time 1:26.248, Laps: 22, Chassis No. 4

Sebastian Vettel
First Practice Session
Position: 5, Best Time: 1:27.686, Laps: 23, Chassis No. 3
Second Practice Session
Position: 16, Best Time: 1:29.134, Laps: 19, Chassis No. 3

For updates from Sunday's race, check into the official Red Bull Racing site.


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