In the second to last round of, what has shaped up to be a very exciting series, Red Bull Air Race pilots have taken over the San Diego Bay. An anxious crowd looked on today as thirteen daredevils piloted their crafts thirty feet above the water at speeds exceeding 200MPH! Among them, last year’s series champion and Arizona native, Kirby Chambliss. Winless on the season, Chambliss is looking for the “home-court” advantage. Another American looking for a win is series points leader, Mike Mangold. With only two points separating him and second place, Paul Bonhomme, a win here could give Mangold the buffer he is looking for heading into the last round of the series. After the first of two practice sessions, it looks like that “home-court” advantage is paying as Mangold and Chambliss lead the field respectively.

For the first time this year, mother nature may play a factor for the pilots. There’s a chance that the usually sunny, clear skies of San Diego will produce some rain on Saturday, but that shouldn’t dampen the spirits of the crowds who are guaranteed to witness a thrilling race regardless of the weather.

Can’t make it to San Diego? Check out televised coverage of Red Bull Air Race World Series on FSN every Sunday at 6PM!


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