Robot Dog from Red Bull Art of Can Dallas

Over the weekend, more than 25,000 people experienced the grand opening of the Red Bull Art of Can exhibition at Galleria Dallas. Fifty unique pieces created from the iconic Red Bull cans or inspired by energy and the love of life are now on display. The exhibition is free and open to the public through August 22.

So, what’s all the buzz about? It’s the inspiring collection. There’s a life size racing airplane made entirely from recycled cans, an old world style painting, a baby bull sculpture, a ball gown and much more.

Innovative artists – professional and amateur – spent countless hours creating pieces that express their personal point of view through pop art creations. More than 200 hopefuls from around the country applied, but only 50 won an esteemed spot in the collection.

Who made the call? The panel of judges included: sculptor Brad Oldham, winning producer/director Michael Cain, Dallas style editor, Jason Sheeler, fashion stylist Tammy Theis, ASK ME ABOUT ART Founder Gail Saschson and art professor Bob Wade. 


Kicking off the festivities on Friday night, Dallas’ art patrons and guests gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the collection on the legendary ice rink at Galleria Dallas. Guests were treated to the “first glimpse” while the talented artists mingled and shared insight about their pieces.

Dallas native Hai Nguyen (web developer by day, artist by night) noted, "Red Bull Art of Can gives everyone, whether they are a full time artist or not, the opportunity to showcase their work to thousands of people and meet other artists and art lovers in their community.”

The top three pieces, as determined by the panel of judges listed above, walked away with more than the glory of it all. In third place was Hai Nguyen, with his cascade of migrating birds in flight. In second place was Craig McCudden of Columbus, Ohio, who managed to combine music and nature in a morph of wildlife and instruments, and the grand prize went to Steve Potovsky of Miami Beach, Florida, who earned an all-expense-paid trip to Art Basel in Switzerland with his pop-art inspired robot dog suspiciously eyeing a fire hydrant (pictured at top).

Now it’s your turn to chime in. Contribute to the “People’s Choice Award” by casting votes via text at the exhibition or online at


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