Ronnie Renner blasting in X Games Step-Up, 2009. Red Bull Photofiles

X Games 15 went off recently in Los Angeles, and Red Bull riders came away with five medals overall, four of them gold.

Ronnie Renner shared gold-medal rights with Ricky Carmichael in Moto X Step-Up, topping out at a whopping 34 feet (after unsuccessful attempts at 35 feet, both riders were declared gold medalists). It's Renner's second Moto X Step-Up gold, adding to his victory in 2007. Ronnie was fresh off his record-setting blast at Red Bull High Rise, where he set a Guinness World Record for highest motorcycle jump off a quarterpipe at an astounding 63 feet, 5 inches above the ground.

Ashley Fiolek won an exciting battle in the Women's Moto X Super X race (supercross) in her rookie X Games appearance. The race came down to the final lap, when Fiolek passed rival Jessica Patterson in the second turn and pinned it for the gold medal. The 18-year-old Florida native got plenty of media attention, based on the combination of her stunning speed, positive personality and the fact that she was born deaf; she relies on feel, as opposed to sound, to know when to change gears.

The Moto X Supermoto race was all about Italy's Ivan Lazzarini. He qualified first and led almost the entire race, taking his first X Games gold medal. After getting passed by Mark Burkhart late in the race, Ivan took a risky dive into a turn to reclaim the lead, earning kudos from motocross legend Jeremy McGrath (who was helping to call the race for TV) for his technique.

In BMX Big Air, Kevin Robinson returned to glory, recapturing the gold medal position he's so accustomed to in the event. In the four years that BMX Big Air has taken place at X Games, K-Rob has clinched three golds and a bronze, and is the only rider to have medaled each year. Robinson threw a no-handed backflip over the 70-foot gap, followed by a massive no-handed flair at almost 19 feet out of the 27-foot-tall quarterpipe. 

Over on the Rally Car course, Travis Pastrana had earned a pre-qualified spot to the quarterfinals (due to his win at X Games '08) where he met up with Andrew Comrie-Picard. Pastrana blasted through the lap and was set to meet up with former FMX rival Brian Deegan in the Semi, but Deegan's car wasn't up to the challenge. The final pitted Travis against 1999 Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack. Despite vastly different styles, the two drivers were closely matched throughout the course until Pastrana got wedged into a tight turn. Travis still picked up a silver medal, taking his total X Games medal count to 15.



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