Red Bull Big Tune


Red Bull Big Tune is the nation’s premiere head-to-head producer battle, established to showcase the musical talents of emerging as well as established music producers. Created by DJ/producer/emcee—Vitamin D and Music Manager/Program Dierctor--Jonathan Moore in 2004, the program begins its 3rd national tour this June.

Red Bull Big Tune is inspired by the spirit of the Jamaican reggae/dancehall culture where the term Big Tune is derived. In traditional Jamaican dancehall culture a battle is referred to as a "clash." Selectors (DJ's)  would "clash" with other selectors by spinning the latest/heaviest "Riddims" (songs).  DJ's would record their own artistic interpretation or version of a standard "Riddim" that selectors would play in the dancehall. Whichever version that was most favored by the people was considered the: “Big Tune."

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Two producers share the stage, each at their own station using (2) CDJ’s and a mixer that they use to play their original "tune." There are no celebrity judges and no gimmicks. Red Bull Big Tune is inspired by Jamaican sound clashes where the audience decides who has the Big Tune and who goes home. Each producer moves through a series of brackets determined by random selection. The winner of each round moves on. The winner and runner-up from each qualifying battle will be flown to Atlanta, GA to compete in the Red Bull Big Tune national finals.

The Red Bull Big Tune national champion will be given an opportunity to collaborate with an A-list recording artist at Red Bull Studios, located at Red Bull's North American headquarters in Santa Monica California.


Anyone with a passion for music and the beats to back it up can apply online at beginning May 8, 2009. Twelve producers will be selected to compete in each regional battle. These 12 producers will be notified via email of their status one week prior to the event.

Acceptance into a Red Bull Big Tune regional battle is contingent upon the submission of a completed application form and uploaded beats to the Red Bull Big Tune website by the deadline for each city.

Each producer will bring "sample free" beats to the competition. It is specifically understood and agreed that all compositions performed at Red Bull Big Tune must be wholly original with, and owned by the producer.

Each producer should expect to be filmed at the regional and national battles.

Competitors under the age of 18 must have permission to participate from a parent or legal guardian.


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