For the first time in New Jersey’s history, over 10,000 beachgoers from around the area witnessed the Red Bull Helicopter during a free performance given by Chuck Aaron, the only pilot in North America certified by the FAA to fly aerobatics in a helicopter.

The heat wave that hit the region this weekend didn’t stop Aaron from charming crowds along three beaches: Atlantic City, Ocean City and Pt. Pleasant. Beachgoers seeking refuge along the Jersey Shore experienced an aerial display of precision and skill by one of the world’s best helicopter pilots. The Red Bull Helicopter barrel-rolled, flipped frontwards and backwards and even hovered just 500 feet from the shoreline before dipping into a downward spiral bringing him just feet above the sea.


With his flowing blonde hair and matching handlebar mustache, Aaron’s appearance is as

unconventional as his remarkable chopper aerobatics. Yet, his poised, friendly demeanor let all who engage him know that they are in the presence of a professional.

“Generally, people absolutely can’t believe what they’re seeing,” Aaron laughs. “How can a helicopter go upside down and flip over backwards and do all those crazy things? But today we showed New Jersey just how crazy I am.”

Charles P. Aaron, better known as Chuck, didn’t learn to pilot a helicopter that way just overnight. Aaron has been flying helicopters for more than three decades. If it moves at all under rotary wing power, it is a virtual certainty that Aaron has flown it, has instructed in it, and may have even helped build it! His film credits include piloting the Cobra helicopters in “The Rock” and helicopter stunt work in various epidsodes of “NCIS.”


The Red Bull Chopper Assault hit three beaches along the Jersey shore between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. at Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar in Atlantic City, along the “Night in Venice” shoreline of Ocean City, and in front of Jenkinson’s in Pt. Pleasant. Each performance lasted 5-7 minutes. Chuck will make special guest appearances at each location throughout Saturday evening.


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