Red Bull FMX Camp Red Bull Photofiles

Red Bull FMX Camp is an invite-only program focused on bringing up local talent to the international freestyle scene. The camp is hosted at the Red Bull Compound, a motocross heaven complete with four national tracks, an FMX course and enough hill jumps to keep anyone happy. Recent additions include two foam pits (one of which is 40 feet deep) and a moto quarter pipe.

Those who attend are placed under the tutelage of freestyle icon, Drake McElroy. Drake, like so many freestylers, came up through the racing scene. Lured by the big airs and bright lights, Drake quickly proved he could throw down with the best freestylers in the world. Don't let Drake's smile fool you, when it comes to freestyle, he's all business.

One of the camp's recent participants, Levi Sherwood, has fully realized Drake's dream by winning the first round of Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. The 17-year old Kiwi beat out names like Matt Rebeaud and Eigo Sato en route to victory.


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