Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Red Bull King of the Rock brings local talent into the spotlight

Competitors - Action Irmantas Gel≈´nas/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull King of the Rock returned to Ohio yesterday but this time it was in Cleveland and the city represented. Hundreds gathered at the Luke Easter Park basketball courts to watch some of the best one-on-one basketball the city has ever seen. Sixty individual players entered but there could only be one winner.

With pure shooting and swarming defense, Branden Woods, a Cleveland native, navigated his way through a tournament bracket that was stacked with local talent all the way to the finals where he would meet his final opponent, Brett Woods. Everyone in attendance gathered around the main court for what they knew was going to be one of the best one-on-one games they'd ever see. Brett started it off with a quick drive to the hoop and an easy bucket. Branden fired right back with a silky smooth jumper from the baseline. The two went back and forth till Branden jumped ahead with a deep three. With only fifteen seconds remaining, Brett had a chance to regain the lead. He got the ball and started to make his move but was quickly stopped. Branden locked down his defense and refused to let Brett get a quality final shot off. As the buzzer sounded, spectators stormed the court and the celebration began. Branden Woods was officially crowned Red Bull King of the Rock for the Cleveland Qualifier.

With the win, Branden will now represent the city of Clevleand at the world finals which will be held at Alcatraz Island on September 22. He will be competing against 63 additional finalists that have earned there way to the finals through other qualifiers held in 27 countries around the world (33 in the United States).

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