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Who doesn’t secretly wish they were Bond, Bourne or Batman? Crazy gadgets, hot cars, gorgeous women, foot chasees across tiled rooftops in Tangier? Sign us up. Sadly, though, for most of us, the idea of quitting our jobs to become a rogue spy is just a cool, cruel daydream.

Now, however, you can sate that fix with Red Bull Mission Control. It’s a social network-based mobile-gaming app that uses your camera, playlist, check-ins, and yeah your shrewd Spidey sense to compete against other “agents” and complete missions.

There are 10 mission levels, ranging from Art Therapy or Proud Betty (i.e., “girls that rule") in Level 1 to Basecamp or Great American Roadtrip in Level 10. You have to earn points to unlock missions on different levels and you get stats like average time, average score.

Red Bull Mission Control is available free for iPhone and Android. Sign up and immediately you're entrenched in a high-tech, underground universe. Reading about the missions feels a little like Dashiell Hammet by way of Bukowski.

If you're at the X Games in Los Angeles, you can have a chance to win some cool prizes. If not, you can still create a game out of your daily life, and compete with people all over the globe.

Do it for fame and glory, or just for fun. Either way it’s a pretty good way to fuel your alter ego and make your walk to the grocery store a lot more interesting.

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