German driver Michael Ammermuller steered an RB1 fitted with rain tires in a 4.8-mile flog around some of the city's most famous landmarks. Beginning at 5:30am on specially closed streets, the 20-year-old started from the famous Municipal Theater and drove past City Hall before exiting into 23 de Maio Avenue, one of the metropolis' main expressways, surprising drivers and passersby with the brutal roar of the 800 horsepower engine.

Ammermuller then drove around the Bandeiras Monument before reaching his destination at the Ibirapuera Park, not without serving up some generous "donuts" on the wet pavement. The third driver for Red Bull Racing then
came to halt next to the park?s Obelisk, a mere three and a half minutes after departing.

"It's awesome to be the first guy ever to drive a Formula 1 on the streets of Sao Paulo", Ammermuller celebrated. "Driving in public roads is always
a challenge because of the bumpy surfaces, but I was able to push it a little. I didn?t reach top gear, but I think I reached at least 150 miles per hour".

"The rain complicated things a little bit, but my biggest concern was not to get lost in the way", he grinned. "But the cops did a perfect job orientating me. It was a great experience, all made possible by Red Bull".


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