With Rampage nearly a week away, construction on the course is nearing completion. Over the past week a few riders have ventured into the Virgin desert to consider line selection and wrap their heads around the massive site. The sheer quantity and potential for lines off the top of the site is staggering.  While the builders have tirelessly manifested amazing dirt and wood creations for riders to link into their lines, it is yet to be determined how creative the lines from top to bottom are going to be.

A week out and on schedule, the builders have put together some serious options to help riders construct the biggest Red Bull Rampage lines to date. With the 'Hip of Love' being the last dirt feature, Randy Spangler and Josh Bender are stoked to see their work coming together after 20+ nonstop days in the Utah desert.  A lone 50-lb. bag of Quikrete awaits its haul to the top, and shows the dedication of these builders to the very end. As each crew finishes up their projects, builders stop by other build zones, scope the new setup, and lend a hand if needed.

From a builder's standpoint the build has gone extremely well, and all groups have been able to dial in their projects on time due to some favorable weather conditions, helping hands, and reliable tools. The desert holds a unique magnetism; whether that be from crystals or Red Bull Rampage, the intrigue is more than most people can resist. You can find local Utah shredders and sherpas helping builders clean up the site, hauling necessary pieces of lumber as needed. Your friendly neighborhood paint mixer, Robin, also doubles in the evenings as a live artist in the builders' garage, painting two rough-cut Rampage signs for the starting area. People are stoked to be involved and contribute to the mix that creates Red Bull Rampage.

Tomcar generously donated a total of five vehicles for the Rampage build, two of which are used full-time as site workhorses. The super reliable and utilitarian vehicles hauled tools, sported water containers, and rallied with full loads of wood strapped to the rollcages daily. All modes of transportation -- mini motos, creeper vans, and diesel pickups -- have been absolutely necessary to make the build happen. Brotherly moto battles, monster truck expos, and Tomcar time trials from door to site have kept enough variety in the workday commute to keep transportation pretty interesting.

While the builders have enhanced the Red Bull Rampage site with well-thought-out and strategically-placed features, the landscape still has the potential for new lines to be burned in by riders. The core roots of Red Bull Rampage still remain, as un-tapped lines await to be discovered, combined, and defined by the most creative riders. Each builder has put their years of constructing and riding experience to the test in this build, and soon it will be time for the riders to step in and make their mark on this landscape.

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