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One of the coolest things about motocross is the inherent individuality. Unlike most team sports, the beauty of MX is that’s all on your shoulders every time you line up at the gate. Like anything in life, however, rules are meant to be broken, and when it comes to Red Bull Re-MX, breaking the rules has never been more fun!

Red Bull Re-MX is a team-based head-to-head relay race, where each of 12 teams consists of four members: one A-class rider, one B/C-class rider, one 85cc rider, and a ringer—one of three Red Bull JAMS members on hand (Brandon Mays, Cooper Webb or Jessy Nelson), or WMA pro Tarah Gieger.

Held last weekend at Bremen MX Park in Bremen, Georgia, Red Bull Re-MX was enjoyed by riders and spectators alike, as the relay aspect added a whole new level of competition to the coolest sport in the world! 

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

In a nutshell, here’s how it works: Each starting rider races two laps, and as that rider crosses the finish line, their teammate waiting at the gate is given the go-ahead to make his or her two fastest laps, and so on… From there, the riders funnel through a bracket-type format, and it all comes down to the main event, with four teams racing for the honors.  

“The event was a lot of fun and something different for motocross,” said Jessy Nelson, Red Bull rider for Alabama’s team Mill Creek in the final round. “We were able to represent a few different teams out here and try to hand off the lead.”

When the smoke cleared on this year’s event, it was Team Mill Creek who came out on top with a dramatic last-corner pass from their 85cc rider. It was all in fun: the Team Bremen rider he passed laughed it off and even said he couldn’t believe his own buddy pulled a “J-Law move” on him in the last corner.

“It was great to ride as a team because it took the pressure off of us a little bit,” said team Mill Creek’s Andrew Matusek. “And then to see Carter take the lead on the last turn was really cool.”

Bremen took second after making their way to the finals via the last chance qualifier. Interlincs MX out of Mississippi rounded out the podium with Cycle Nation taking fourth.  

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles


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