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Red Bull Records have announced the signing of dance-rock fusion band Innerpartysystem.

The band, who count Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode among their influences, released their self-titled debut album on Island/DefJam in late 2008. They have since accumulated a passionate and devoted following.

Their first single, Don’t Stop, hit #35 on the US Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart and was also used in the video games Madden 2009 and FIFA Street 3.

Innerpartysystem have also toured extensively, sharing the stage with a variety of artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to 3OH!3. They’ve sold out headlining tours in the US and UK and have established a reputation for their impressive live show at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Vans’ Warped Tour, Projekt Revolution, SXSW, Give It A Name and Soundwave.

"This isn't just some company looking to plaster their name all over everything we do." –Innerpartysystem

The band are accomplished and in-demand remixers, having worked on tracks for 30 Seconds to Mars, 3OH!3, Katy Perry and the Beastie Boys. When not touring, the band DJ nationwide and have become a hot commodity on the party circuit.

"We are delighted to announce a partnership has commenced that has been in the making for well over a year and half," said the band in an announcement to their fans. "This isn't just some company looking to plaster their name all over everything we do. This is a small group of individuals that have single-handedly been coming to our shows, brainstorming ideas with us, and just have been an overall positive influence on IPS since the day they came into our lives. They have a great understanding of what we are as a band and where we want to go.

"Now that we have officially cemented our partnership with Red Bull Records, all of the things we have been dreaming up for the past few years are about to become a reality. A new album, more international touring, and a live show that will continue to grow into the over stimulating onslaught of media that we have envisioned it to be, are all on-tap in the future – that is if we don't blow our recording budget on making a sweet flying machine for next year’s Red Bull Flugtag."

The band have a new single out called American Trash and will be touring with Kele from Bloc Party in the USA this autumn.


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