RBSG: Seul Marcelo Beraldo

When you walk through underground stations around the world you’ll notice a universal character. These are the musicians that have discovered a special way to reach their audience, something which puts them in contact with millions of people. Also known as buskers, they aim to live solely from their art, with freedom and creativity by their side.

Now, they have an appointment set in São Paulo, Brazil, from 8 to 12 November 2010, with the Red Bull Sounderground – 1st International Metro Musicians Festival; a completely new musical festival project in Brazil and the rest of the world. During this week, performances will take place in underground stations across São Paulo city.

Participating musicians will be chosen from their application form, available here from 02 August to 15 September 2010. To apply, read the instructions carefully, fill in the form on redbull.co.uk/sounderground and upload a video extract of a solo or band performance.

The names of the participating artists will be published here on 24 September 2010. Red Bull Sounderground is organised and produced by Barong Productions and has the institutional support from the Cultural Action Department of São Paulo Underground.


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