Red Bull King of the Rock 2013


Competitors - Group Shot Mike Killion - Red Bull Content Pool

In its third year at Jackson Park on the city’s South Side, Red Bull King of the Rock crowned South Side baller Charles Porter as the best baller around. Some of the top 1-on-1 basketball players from Chicago headed to the courts to test their skills and earn a chance to topple Baby Shaq on The Yard at Alcatraz on September 28.  Red Bull King of Rock is comprised of qualifiers all over the globe, with the top 64 players advancing to the finals.

In 90-degree heat, the day started off with a full bracket of 64 players.  Many players attempted to qualify in past qualifiers at Jackson Park came ready to prove themselves in 2013, including North Side baller Brian Centella, who won the qualifier in 2011.  Despite making it to the semi’s, Centella was no match for Porter, who ultimately dominated the courts.

Battling it out in the final round was Porter vs. Hayes Park local Yahosubi “Yoshi” Craig. Towering at 6’4”, Craig’s only motivation to try and win was his determination to make it to Alcatraz and beat two-time International Champion Baby Shaq. “I want to win. I want to go out there for the South Side, beat Baby Shaq, and bring it home for Chicago,” he said before the final match. Craig couldn’t topple Porter however; who only continued to play harder the longer he played. Stamina and strategy was what ultimately helped Porter move on to the rock with a final round score of 23-17.

“I heard about Red Bull King of the Rock on the radio, and decided I had to go for it. I usually only play Point Guard for 5-on-5 tournaments, but I wanted to prove my skills, and 1-on-1 is how you do it,” stated Porter after the final game. To prepare for the Red Bull King of Rock Global Finals, Porter went on to day, “I’m gonna work out for the next month and ball everyday, that’s all you can really do.”


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