Athlete: Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints made history at Super Bowl XLIV last weekend, beating the Indianapolis Colts 31–17.

The Saints secured their first-ever win in the contest, which was first held in 1967. Bush revealed in a post-game interview that the result wasn’t just about football, but about the rehabilitation of a whole city. New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the situation for many thousands of New Orleans' residents is still extremely difficult.

“This game is bigger than football,” said Bush. “This is about the process of rebuilding a city that was destroyed [by] Hurricane Katrina.”

"Here we are now, winning the Super Bowl… it feels great." –Reggie Bush

Bush went on to assure the people of New Orleans that the team would continue to aid the reconstruction of the shattered city, and suggested that the victory would bring a much-needed confidence boost.

“Here we are now, winning the Super Bowl,” he added. “You know what, it feels great…”

Watch highlights of Reggie’s and the Saints’ triumph at, where you can also watch the whole interview with Reggie and teammate Tracy Porter.


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