Sebastian Vettel came away from his home race with a podium, but having been beaten by the Ferraris off the line, he was forced to follow them to the chequered flag – despite fighting hard over the 67 laps.

Mark Webber began fourth but was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton on lap one and his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button managed to steal a march on him on lap 21 after Webber’s RB6 suffered from a problem with oil and finished sixth.

Sebastian said: “We finished third and we can be proud of that. I’m very pleased to be on the podium – it’s very special for me at my home grand prix. It’s great to see the people here and to be on that podium. To see everyone cheering is very nice and emotional.”

"It’s very competitive at the front and that’s how it should be, “said Mark. “I wasn’t in the fight today, so we’re looking forward to the next race.”

But the real controversy came in front of Sebastian after Felipe Massa, who had taken the lead at the first corner was over-taken by Fernando Alonso on lap 47, allowing the Spaniard to take the win. The subsequent discussion – and much of the post-race FIA press conference - revolved around whether or not Felipe had given way to Fernando.

It’s very special for me at my home grand prix.

Christian Horner was not impressed by the Italian team’s tactics. He said: “It was surprising what happened with the Ferraris, it looked to be a team order with the cars switching position. If so, it’s a shame for Formula One and the fans that they were deprived of a race between the two Ferrari drivers today.”

So it’s now a quick pack up and turnaround before we head to Budapest, for the final race before the summer break.

For more on the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, check out their official Web site.


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