Shaun White at X Games 2010 Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Shaun White made his return to Dew Tour competition in Portland over the weekend, his first appearance at the event since 2008. He was able to end the Vert victory streak that Pierre Luc-Gagnon has been on, taking the win and releasing his new trick, the Armadillo.

Shaun made it to the final 5-rider jam but got off to a rough start with uncharacteristic falls in his early runs. Defending Dew Cup champ Bucky Lasek took the lead with his second run, with Shaun and PLG mired at the bottom of the order.

PLG eventually settled in behind Lasek, and then Shaun was able to fire out a run he’d been looking for in competition for years. He pulled a frontside fakie 540, Cab 540 and a 720, ending with the Armadillo, a frontside heelflip body varial 540. 

null Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Later in the day, Daniel Dhers also racked up a win in BMX Park. Daniel won the overall Dew Tour Park title from ’06-’08, losing it in ’09 to Garrett Reynolds, so he’s fully committed to recapturing the crown in 2010.

He had his hands full in Portland, primarily with 15-year-old ripper Brett Banasiewicz, who had already earned the victory in Dirt on Friday night. Brett led for most of the contest until Daniel took the course for his second run. He unleashed no-handed 360s and 720s, multiple tailwhip variations and a banger barspin to can-can 720.

Daniel’s victory pushed him into the lead for the year-end title, and he’s on a consistent first-or-second-place streak at the moment that could put the Dew Cup back in his hands. The next stop is in Salt Lake City on September 16-19, with the tour finishing in Las Vegas in October.


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