Sofia Mulanovich Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Photofiles

Sofia Mulanovich fought to the very end of the 2009 ASP Women’s World Tour at the Billabong Pro Maui yesterday, meeting up with Stephanie Gilmore in the Final round. Sofia had burned through several competitors over the course of the day, including ASP World No. 2 Silvana Lima in the Semifinal, but couldn’t rattle three-time ASP Women’s World Tour winner Gilmore.

“It’s been a great day,” Mulanovich said. “Congratulations to Steph. She’s a champ and a hero to all of us. Thanks to the sponsors of the event and my family and friends. It’s been a great event.”

Like Mulanovich, teammate Sally Fitzgibbons also met up with Gilmore, only her matchup occurred in the Semifinal. Sally had been solid throughout the event, taking an impressive heat victory over Coco Ho in the Quarterfinal round.

“I always love surfing heats with Coco,” Fitzgibbons said. “She always pushes my level up and I usually have my best heats with her. She’s also a really great friend. I wish there had been more waves so we could have dueled a little bit more. She surfed amazing this year and my hat goes off to her.”

Both Fitzgibbons and Mulanovich finished the year strong, placing in the top five of the overall ASP standings. Sofia, the 2004 ASP Tour champion, finished in third, and Sally climbed to fifth, a notable accomplishment as a rookie on the ’09 Tour.

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