Evan Geiselman on the Red Bull Minor Threat trip Bielmann/SPL

Recovering from an ankle injury that has required extensive rehab, Evan Geiselman recently told the ASP World Tour that he is back in the water and expects to compete in the US Open of Surfing at the end of the month.

"I’m extremely excited for the Open," he said. "That’s my favorite event of the year. I really just want to be confident surfing on my ankle and come into it surfing how I surf and take it from there."

Geiselman was on a surfing trip to Costa Rica when he hurt his ankle. "I did the injury trying a backside air reverse and I guess came down wrong and then heard it pop. It was the worst pain of my life," he said.

The injury was a huge blow to his 2012 season, and therefore also his qualifying for 2013. But the Florida surfer says that he is not bitter.

"I’m not bummed at all," he said. "It happened for a reason and my goal for this year is to come back better than I was. There are still a good amount of comps left too, so I’m going to just surf each one and see how it goes."

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