Jordy gets the victory carry up J-Bay beach Kolesky/SanDisk/Red Bull Photofiles

He's Number One in the program, now make him Number One in your hearts. We're talking about current World Tour ratings leader Jordy Smith, of course. And while he's done all the hard work in the water, you can now show some gratitude by voting for him in the 2010 Surfer Poll.

"There are less Surfer Poll winners than world champions if that tells you how hard it is to win one," says Jordy. "It means a lot because it's voted on by the fans, and it's not just about how many heats you win, but everything else that you do too.

“Just to be recognized at the Surfer Poll is an honor, I was really proud of that last year, and hopefully I can climb a few spots this year."

You don't have to be a pro surfer to be involved. All you have to do is go to, pick your ten favorite male surfers (like Jordy and Mick Fanning) and your five favorite female surfers (like Sally Fitzgibbons and Carissa Moore), click "Submit," and you're well on your way to altering the course of surfing as we know it.

Sounds awesome, right? Get on over to Surfer Poll and help Jordy and the Red Bull Surfing crew out!


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