TNT Freestyle MX

Back when freestyle consisted of hucking huge natural gaps, Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton were two innovators at the forefront of the movement. Born and raised just a few miles apart from each other, Tilton and Clowers competed against each other at the amateur motocross level. Clowers moved on to the professional ranks, and even managed a fourth overall finish in the Supercross Lites West series before injuries eventually derailed his career as a professional motorcycle racer.

When the opportunity presented itself for both of these riders to compete in a new form of structured freestyle motocross, Clowers and Tilton saw an opportunity to get away from the high-pressure world of professional racing.

As the sport of freestyle motocross exploded into what it is today, these two long-time friends began to brainstorm, and the opportunity arose to spread the gospel of FMX outside the arena and formalized competitions.

The Tilton and Tomcat Show, or "TNT," is the product of these two legends' vision and serves not only to promote freestyle but also mentor the next generation of riders such as Lance Coury and Miles Richmond. Performing at everything from the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix to the Loma Linda Children's Hospital, these guys put in more time on the road then they do at home, touching people from all walks of life with their high-flying performances.


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