Tar and Roses

Dine Fine on Bus Boys Budget

Follow the steps below to start living a six-figure lifestyle on your meager salary of “priceless experience” and 15% gratuity.

Strapped for cash? Follow our guide and get the official Tar and Roses dining experience for under 50 bucks.

The under paid and under appreciated

It’s tough to get a job in LA, and when you finally do you’re probably pulling espresso, clearing dishes or if you’re lucky… picking up the dry cleaning for some c-list celebrity. Not exactly living large just yet.

Every coffee break the higher ups are flapping their gums about the latest foie gras pop tart over at such and such restaurant while you stand idle in the corner waiting for someone to bring up sandwiches so you can chime in and praise the merits of Footlong February. In the land of the unpaid internship it can be quite difficult for the post collegiate culture arbiter to spread their wings.

Well, we’re tired of all of this gastro-class warfare so we’ve gone all Sherlock on some of LA’s most posh haunts and jerry-rigged a more accessible dining experience for the under paid and under appreciated. Without further ado, follow the steps below to start living a six-figure lifestyle on your meager salary of “priceless experience” and 15% gratuity.

Tar and Roses is sexy and so are you

The latest venture from former Next Iron Chef contender and Wilshire alum Andrew Kirschner has finally arrived and people won’t shut up about it. Exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant named after the traditional tasting notes for Nebbiolo (full bodied and aromatic), we’re going to have to agree with what everyone else has been saying: Tar and Roses is one of the absolute sexiest dining experience around.

The Specs

Dimly lit, a cozy combination of reclaimed wood and polished marble along with a variety of 60 bottles -10 of which are made from the most seductive grapes known to man -is only half of it. The food is essentially a wood-fired wonderland of modern-meets-medieval rustic Italian dishes spanning the gamut from snacks and small plates to larger dishes and even family style meals. You may have heard chatter about some of its more noteworthy embellishments like the lavishly presented Moroccan style goat or bone-in rib eye that is so large the menu warns that it takes two people to eat.

But we’re not really concerned with all of the bells and whistles, here are the brass tacks and our guide to getting the Tar and Roses experience under 50 dollars.

When to go?

Probably the most popular restaurant in Santa Monica right now, it’s going to be tough to snag a reservation for prime time. Aim for Tuesday or Wednesday on the later side (9:00 and beyond) to get the most out of your experience.

Where to sit?

Since you wont exactly be “doing it up fancy” we suggest that you eschew the sexy two top tables and cozy up to the small 8 person bar. Not only are you less likely to be scowled at by a disgruntled server but you’ll be one of the only people in the place with a clear shot of the open faced kitchen. Dinner and a show all in one.

What you’ll order?

We know, we just got you drooling over the aforementioned extravagances, but have no fear, you don’t have to spend a boatload on a whole piece of game to have an awesome experience. The real ticket: Bacon Popcorn ($6) and Bone Marrow with Marmalade and Gremolata ($10). It’s really the only thing anyone will be talking about the next day.

What you’ll drink?

Sure, there are plenty of tasty wines, but we recommend the 2009 Sottimano Lange Nebbiolo. You don't normally get structured Nebbiolo like this for $14. It’s not the cheapest wine on the list, but it’s definitely the most bang for your buck. For your significant other try the 2010 Centonze Grillo. Grillo is actually one of the most undervalued white Italian grapes and it normally produces rounder, easy drinking wines.

Follows this guide and you’ll definitely capture the essence of the Tar and Roses dining experience without having to take out a second mortgage on your... who are we kidding, you don’t own anything.



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