Mister Cartoon’s Car Care Collab

Legendary Los-Angeles-based tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, launches Sanctiond, his new line of design savvy car care products.

In the world of tattoos, there is no name that garners more respect than Mister Cartoon. Despite a name that might connote camp, Cartoon is as real as it gets. What DaVinci did to ceilings of chapels, he does to the human skin.

A Little Bio

Born Mark Machado, the Los Angeles born-and-bred Mexican-American got his artistic influence from the streets. Graffiti and ink, the craft he’s most known for, came natural for the Angeleno. Cartoon’s commercial beginnings were equally humble. Airbrushing shirts and lowriders were his first paid gigs. The latter being his passion.

His Art: From From celeb skin to Automobiles

Despite all of Cartoon’s success as an artist--going from tattooing the veritable who’s who in Hollywood (Dr. Dre, Travis Barker, Eminem and Beyonce are butjust a few of his clients) to collaborating with brands such as Nike, Xbox, T-Mobile and Toyota—he’s kept his automotive obsession close to his heart. A member of Lifestyle, one of LA’s most respected car clubs, Cartoon owns and has worked on many of the crew’s immaculate show car creations. One of hisrecent wheeled works, a hood-inspired ice cream truck, was displayed inside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles for the Art in the Streets installation.

The Birth of Sanctiond

Given his automotive background and branding expertise, it was only a matter of time before he would embark on an endeavor that takes advantage of both. And that’s exactly what Sanctioned is, premium car care products, consisting of carwash, wax, polish, detailers and the like. Fans of Cartoon will see his influence not just in the design of the bottle and label, but in the smell of the products, too.

“Cars are extensions of our personalities,” says Cartoon. “Our customers are committed to making their vehicles more than just their rides. Cars are part of who they are. I’m grateful I now have the ability to turn this passion into something everyone can experience. By combining my love of cars, culture, and lifestyle, I’ve created a product I’m proud of.”


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