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Ahead of his tilt at the US Masters title in Augusta, we asked Colombian golf star Camilo Villegas 10 questions about his life, rivals and career… and his name.

Is Tiger Woods’ return a distraction for other pros at the Masters, or does the media circus around him allow you to concentrate on your own tournament preparations?
Tiger is great for the game – I look forward to having him back.

Who do you think are your biggest rivals going into the Masters?
Everybody! If they are there, they are there because they are one of the best golfers in the world.

How did winning the Honda Classic title earlier this month compare with your first PGA Tour victory in the BMW Championship and then the play-off win over Sergio Garcia in your second at The Tour Championship?
A win is a win – the first one is always special, but we tee it up every Thursday trying to win a golf tournament, and whenever you do, it is an amazing feeling.

Who was your biggest role model when you took up golf?
My dad introduced me to the game, and from there I looked at golf’s legends and learned from each of them.

Do you think your success has made more young Colombians take up the sport?
For sure, golf is growing in my country. [The Bogotá Open, the first PGA-sanctioned event in Colombia, took place earlier this month and featured Camilo’s younger brother Manuel.]

'Tiger is great for the game – I look forward to having him back'

Can you clear up for your fans how you pronounce your surname? European commentators in particular can’t seem to make their minds up!
I don’t really mind how people say my name. In Colombia, it’s said one way, Spain is different, and in Argentina it’s different again. Bottom line – it’s just a name…

Why is your nickname Spider-Man?
It’s because of the way I read my putts, low to the ground.

Aside from the Masters, what other events would you most like to win?
Majors. They make history, and I am not picky [about which one].

If you weren’t a pro golfer, what would you be doing as a career?
I don’t know. I am a pro golfer and I am just grateful to be doing what I am doing.

What’s your idea of a perfect evening after the day’s golf is over?
Rest for the day and a good healthy dinner.

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