Jamie OBrien in Body Gloves The Disappearance photobrent

TranWorld SURF's Imaginarium competition was created to progress surf photography. This year's winner, "The Disappearance" from Body Glove, twists and subverts the limits of surf photography as much as it pushes.

The photo series is described to as "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" meets "The Blair Witch Project." It features Red Bull (and Body Glove) surfer Jamie O'Brien, along with Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson, and Anthony Walsh. The idea is they go on a surfing adventure in Indonesia, where they come face-to-face (or claw-to-stomach) with a creature that kind of looks like a sleestak from "Land of the Lost."

O'Brien appears on the cover of the November issue of TransWorld SURF, which also asked its three invited contestants -- Sanuk and VonZipper are the two others -- to produce an accompanying video. Needless to say, Body Glove's is pretty creepy. Just when you thought it was safe to go banzai in Indo...

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