Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

The Madrid courts of the IES Cervantes held the Spanish Finals of this unique one-on-one street event.

Competitors - Action David Pou/Red Bull Content Pool

Experience makes the difference. And even more street-wise. Pedro Cuesta didn't loose his chance to retain his national title and after a thrilling battle he earned the right to travel to Alcatraz on September the 22nd 2012 to fight for the World Title of the streetball event Red Bull King of the Rock, where he'll fight against participants from more than 20 countries.

The Madrid courts of the IES Cervantes held the Spanish Finals of this unique one-on-one street event. The convocation gathered a big amount of streetball fans at the Embajadores courts. Among them, there was the Ambassador of the tournament in Spain, National Basketball Team star Sergio Llull who chatted and took pictures with the participants and, maybe, even took some notes of their technique.

For starters, 24 players fought to get a wildcard invitation to the Final where apart from Pedro Cuesta there were another 22 specialists who passed the regional tournaments held in six Spanish cities. In the end, the wildcard was for a man that would become a very important character of the Final, Juan Beta. Thanks to his great skill outside the perimeter, the Madrid player saved enough energy in the Wildcard round and got to the Final, where he played against the current champion. Finally, Cuesta used his bigger height and size to beat Beta, who was disqualified when he reached the maximum personal fouls.

“You don't really know how much I wanted to go back to San Francisco. It was an amazing experience last year and I hope I've become better to fight for the title,” said Cuesta, before pointing out the “great level and physical strength” of the international players “Especially if we talk about the Americans,” said the champion, from Badalona - North of Barcelona - moments after receiving the award that makes him the best streetball player in Spain for the second year in a row.

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