The Red Bull Albatross in Lake Tahoe Jason Kelley/Red Bull Photofiles

1957 Grumman HU-16E “Albatross”

Manufactured by Grumman, who also designed and built the Lunar Lander Modules for the Apollo Space missions.

“HU-16” is the military aircraft designation code.

“E” is the model / variant number, “E” is the “long wing version” (96’ wing span – a “B” model is referred to as a “short wing” version).

The last of the Great Seaplanes, The Albatross is not a float plane. Float planes are modified normal aircraft outfitted with floats


Wing Span: 96 feet, 8 inches
Length: 66 feet, 3inches
Height: 25 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 23,000 lbs. empty; 35,000 lbs. Max Gross weight

null Klein/Red Bull Photofiles

Unique to the Red Bull Albatross
Nose Room – Bow compartment capable of housing two people for scenic viewing out the front of the aircraft through a Lexan nose bubble.

Aft Doors – Both rear doors open inwards in flight, allowing unhindered viewing and excellent photo-ops of all the Red Bull Aircraft. There are very specific rules to follow when operating with the doors open

Rear Cargo Hatch – A “hatch within a hatch”, allowing easy access to the top of the aircraft through the main cabin via an extendable ladder. Not operational in flight.

Flight Capabilities
Amphibious – Capable of landing on lakes, oceans, rivers, and airport runways. Not all bodies of water are suitable for landing, either by regulatory agencies, such as the State or Federal Park systems, or by physical parameters, such as location, water depth, and water hazards.


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