Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

The first Red Bull King Of The Rock in the Czech Republic has a winner!

Red Bull King of the Rock National Final 2012 - Sao Paulo Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

The first Red Bull King Of The Rock in the Czech Republic has a winner! A recent member of the National Basketball Team, Lukas Kraus, will join the best one on one streetballers in the World Finals on legendary Alcatraz Island.

“I must say, I am thrilled. This summer I have sacrificed a lot to street basketball and it is this one on one concept which is also a philosophy of my life, so it was awesome," said Kraus holding the trophy. Now it is necessary to add his name to the flight ticket to Alcatra. “It is absolutely great. I have never been to America, so it is incredible. I am looking forward to it a lot even though it won’t be easy for sure…“

In the legendary tournament on Alcatraz, there definitely isn’t anything easy waiting for Kraus. 64 qualifiers from 27 countries will certainly be a lot different competition from what he has experienced in Prague. “It is true that a few participants at the tournament were just starting with street basketball. But that is good; it is a great lesson for them. On the other hand, the final eight players were really skilled, people enjoyed the matches a lot.“ 

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