Tom Sims in 2010

Tom Sims, skateboard and snowboard pioneer, died last night. According to the Santa Barbara Independent, the cause was a massive heart attack. He was 61.

"RIP Tom Sims... I turned pro riding for Sims in 1982," pro skater Christian Hosoi wrote on Instagram. "My heart and prayers and deepest condolences go out to the whole Sims family and friends."

Sims founded Sims Skateboards in 1976, followed a few years later by Sims Snowboards. According to ESPN, he introduced the snowboard halfpipe to the masses and was responsible for several snowboard innovations, such as metal edges and the incorporation of high-back bindings.

In the huge outpouring of tributes across the Internet, Sims is remembered as an innovator, a champion, an action-sports enthusiast and an advocate who championed the snowboard cause.

He was even James Bond.

In one of the most memorable sequences in movie history, Sims doubled as Bond in 'View to a Kill' (1985). In the process, he introduced the mainstream to the then-new sport.


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