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With just hours until this year's Red Bull: New Year. No Limits., we asked the star of the show, Travis Pastrana, for a few more details about his career, preparation for the event and his post-jump plans.

You had a bit of an accident with your first practice jump. Do you have cars in reserve?
We had three Subarus to work with. I'm actually jumping the one I rolled. The damage wasn't too bad and that's the one I tested with the whole time.

Is it a standard Impreza WRX, or are there lots of extra suspension bits to take the impact of the landing?
What's great is that this is a street-legal car with a rollcage and some safety adjustments. The suspension is pretty much unchanged from the rally car set-up. But, yes, landing smoothly will be the best thing of all!

How about the running gear – do you have anything to boost the engine’s performance, like nitrous oxide?
Subaru have done a great job getting the car ready for Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. We haven't added any additives to the fuel mix, we've just changed some of the gearing ratios – but no extra chemical boosts.

'I'm up for trying anything, but I really enjoy the rally format.'

What’s in your mind when you hit the ramp?
I'm just trying to fly the car. The calmest part of the jump is from take-off to landing. That's when nothing else matters.

You’ve been doing well in the Rally America series. Do you fancy another crack at the World Rally Championship?
WRC is about survival. I like the American 'all-out' race formula. And I'd have to move to Europe - and I wouldn't be able to do Nitro Circus.

What are your post-jump plans for the rest of 2010?
I'm focusing on the live tour in the spring and we'll see where it goes from there.

You’ve got bikes and cars in your blood. Ever thought about rallying bikes like they do in the Dakar Rally for example?
I'm up for trying anything, but I really enjoy the rally format and anything off-road most of all…


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