Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Up! Up! Up!

Competitor - Winner Marlon James/Red Bull Content Pool

To the excited screams of “Up! Up! Up!”, Jermaine Jackson shot his way into history as the Red Bull King of Jamrock, during the exciting final showdown of the Red Bull King of the Rock competition held Saturday July 28 at the Train Station, Downtown Kingston

The event incorporated the normal one-on-one basketball set-up where players went head-to-head on a specially designed outdoor court at this iconic venue, using a single elimination tournament bracket. The rules and scoring were the same as regular hoops, with shots either counting as two or three points and five fouls being an automatic L. Players engaged in four intense half-court games simultaneously, with each game having its own referee, court manager and scoreboard.

Thirty two players including two females, selected from qualifiers held in Montego Bay and Kingston on July 14 and 21 respectively, battled valiantly in the fast paced finals which from start to end mirrored the intensity of an NBA game.

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