Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Vakhtang Kadaria and Micheil Panchulidze made it to the final battle at the Georgia qualifier.

Winner - Portrait

On June 22nd at the famous Rabati fortress in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia the best one-on-one streetballer of Georgia was decided. Vakhtang Kadaria, a 23-year old professional basketball player came out as a winner of the Red Bull King of the Rock 2013 – Georgian qualifier and got a ticket to the Rock, scoring 8:4 against 30-year old Micheil Panchulidze.


The newly renovated Rabati fortress was a perfect location for the Red Bull King of the Rock event. The 9th century fortress has never hosted any other sporting event before and this made the competition even more unique.

Local young people, children and professional and well known Georgian basketball players filled the amphitheatre to support and cheer on the competitors. At 5 p.m. 64 top streetball players from Georgia were ready to show their skills to choose the best to make it to the world final in Alcatraz.




The semifinals were very dramatic and full of emotion. Vakhtang Kadaria and Micheil Panchulidze made it to the final battle. “I really really wanted to win, but I did not believe I could do that. Only when the final game started, I became very self confident and managed to show my best. I will do whatever possible to show good result at the world final in Alcatraz” – said Vakhtang Kadaria after the competition.

It was a great day of basketball – a celebration of sporting excitement and passion.




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