Sebastian’s first media call yesterday was a traditional Australian welcome: a lesson in boomerang throwing, didgeridoo playing and a chat with the local media.

There was only one casualty of the afternoon: our photographer now has a cut ear after one of Seb’s early throws went astray.

We collected Sebastian’s thoughts on the Bahrain race, the up and coming grand prix and his boomerang technique.

So, how was boomerang throwing?
For me, driving the car is easier obviously! This is quite tricky, but it was good fun.

How are you looking for this race?
Coming out of Bahrian we have a very good car, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be competitive here. I like Albert Park; it’s a nice track, it’s usually quite slippery at the beginning. We had a good race last year, obviously not a good finish, but the car was quick as well and it should be good this year.

Will you let your teammate win so we’re all happy?
I think second is not a bad result for him... No, you know it’s a long way, and so many things can happen, you never know until the checkered flag – the race is over when it’s over, not before. So we will see, hopefully Mark and myself will do well for the team and get some good points.

He won your race last year in Germany, it would be sweet revenge for you to win this year.
Last year I was close to getting on the podium here, and usually you get a trophy with a kangaroo on it - and I really wanted to get one last year, so I will try to get one this year.

Do the new rules and the lack of over-taking concern you?
It’s what we expected in a way, thinking about how the race would unfold even before we raced it looked pretty much how it was two weeks ago, so we’ll see. It’s only one race. I remember a couple of races last year which weren’t that exciting, but it’s definitely not easier with the new rules.

Did it surprise you when Lewis Hamilton said the Red Bull car was insanely fast?
Did he? I’m maybe not up to date. I don’t know… the main thing coming out of Bahrain, even though we didn’t win, was that we have a very fast car. So Friday we were struggling; we were not yet up to speed but Saturday and Sunday we were in quite good shape, so we should be strong here. Let’s see what we can do.

Is reliability a problem?
The problems we had on Friday in Bahrain, they were totally different. The failure on Sunday, it happens very rarely. It happens once every ten years maybe, so it shouldn’t happen again. It’s quite rare that the spark plugs fail.

Who are you most wary of? Ferrari?
In Bahrain they looked extremely competitive, for sure quicker than anyone else but also in winter testing – all the way through they have been very effective, but also it’s circuit to circuit. Some circuits you like more, some circuits you like less – sometimes from the driver point of view, sometimes the car behaves better on one of the circuits, so it’s difficult to say this car or that car. You have four teams this year being very strong, but the midfield is very close. We have done one race in Bahrain. That’s the only experience we have apart from the testing, so we need to wait a bit more.


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