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Snowboarding young guns Hans and Nils Mindnich took advantage of some unusually cold conditions in Mexico last weekend to achieve what could be a very unique feat.

Think of images of Mexico, and snow probably won’t be uppermost in your thoughts, much less snowboarding, usually the reserve of the Rockies or the Alps. 

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But with an Arctic blast currently freezing the United Kingdom, parts of Northern Europe, Canada and the USA, it seems that the cold air has dipped far enough south to affect even the usually warmer climes in North America’s southernmost region.

The brothers Mindnich, 16-year-old Hans and 15-year-old Nils, followed it over the U.S./Mexico border to the 15,354-foot El Nevado de Toluca (sometimes known as Xinantécatl, or ‘The Naked Lord’ in indigenous Nahuatl language), a huge stratovolcano in Central Mexico, to become possibly the first snowboarders ever to tackle its terrain.

'I'm not sure if we are the first to do this, but there was no one else around.' –Nils Mindnich

“We heard that there was going to be some snow down there and it could be rideable,” Nils said. “We decided to try it out.”

"It was coming down hard – there was so much snow,” added Hans. We couldn't really believe it. It kind of reminded us of Vermont." 

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"I'm not sure if we are the first to do this, but there was no one else around,” said Nils after the brothers had spent a whole day in the freezing temperatures before heading back to the more familiar surroundings of Stowe, in their home state.

“We had all the Mexican snow to ourselves. It was different from anywhere else we have ridden!"

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