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SAN ANTONIO, TX—June 12th, 2010—Last night, at South San High School, 14 teams gathered, all prepared for an epic football showdown. But this isn’t your typical Friday night high school game; this is football…Red Bull style.

Red Bull Game Breakers is an innovative 7-on-7 style tournament which awards points for game breaking moments as well as touchdowns. It gives players the opportunity to prove who really is a shot caller, play maker and game breaker.

After a grueling competition, it came down to the undefeated Reagan High School versus the once beaten Warren High School. In a dramatic finale, the two teams came to a sudden death final play. It was Warren who proved victorious and who will now advance to the Red Bull Game Breakers Finals at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on June 25, 2010.

"I can't believe we get to play in the Cotton Bowl now!" said Warren player Michael Johnson, who caught the sudden death, game-winning catch. "We're going to bring it and do some damage."

"Michael's catch is what this tournament is all about," said Warren quarterback Rex Dausin. "He made a tough catch in traffic on the last play of the game. Plays don't get any bigger than that."

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