Red Bull Big Tune is the nation's premiere head-to-head producer battle, established to showcase the musical talents of emerging as well as established music producers.

Inspired by the spirit of the Jamaican reggae/dancehall culture where the term Big Tune is derived. In traditional Jamaican dancehall culture a battle is reffered to as a "clash." Selectors (DJs) would "clash" with other selectors by spinning the latest/heaviest "Riddims" (songs). DJs would record their own artistic interpretation or version of a standard "Riddim" that selectors would play in the dancehall. Whichever version that was most favored by the people was considered the "Big Tune."

This week on The Transit Chapters, Red Bull Big Tune will be aired showing the battle of music producers of all ages at Highline Ballroom in New York City. Here's the quick lowdown of time and date of the airing:

Chapter 3
--Red Bull Big Tune
--Sunday, July 25th
--5:30pm ET & 12:30am ET
--MSG PLUS (regional*) and MSG PLUS on Direct TV (national)

*MSG PLUS is available in the entire state of New York, Northern New Jersey, Southwestern Connecticut, and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The Transit Chapters is on Sundays on MSG PLUS through November 7th: Check out the full season line-up.


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