Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel took home first and third for Red Bull Racing at this afternoon’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Winning driver Webber had only one small ‘moment’ in his charge to victory from pole, and that was his teammate's desperate push to pass him before the first turn.

The Red Bull pair also had to tussle with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton down to the first corner of the first lap, but the starting order prevailed and Mark powered through to Turn 2 and 3 and on to the checkered flag.

Having pitted after Seb, Mark retained his lead and finished first, and he did it by some way – he was 24 seconds ahead of his closest rival at the line. Twenty-four seconds.

Unfortunately, that runner-up on this occasion was not his teammate. Bad luck again blighted Sebastian after he was forced off-track when Hamilton rejoined the circuit after the McLaren driver’s pit stop. Vettel then suffered from problems with his brakes and was forced to slacken off his pace.

Fortunately he was so far in front of Schumacher that he was able to bring the RB6 home in one piece. A Hamilton mechanical failure on the penultimate lap of the race pushed the Brit off track and out of the points and promoted Seb to third and onto the podium, behind Alonso.

Behind Schumacher in fourth was Jenson Button with Massa, Sutil, Kubica, and Barichello behind him. Jaime Alguersuari of Toro Rosso also benefited from Hamilton’s misfortune as it pushed him into the final points place.

The result moves Mark into fourth place in the Drivers’ Championship, just seven points behind Seb, and the team now sits third in the Constructors. More importantly, the team is only six points behind the leaders, McLaren.

Now, where’s that Mediterranean coast road atlas…


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