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The Red Bull Art of Can is a nationwide hunt for creativity and is open to everyone, from fulltime artists to simply those with a creative flare. Build, sculpt, weld, glue, hammer, bend, fold, print, tape and paint, whatever!
Be bold! Send a message! Make a Statement. Your primary material must be a Red Bull can but you will need to add plenty of imagination and creativity. Make a sculpture, a picture, a 3-D model, a mobile, a video or piece of modern art but make it beautiful, colorful, clever, amusing or outrageous.
Judges will select the top winners from the exhibition.



The 2009 Washington, D.C. exhibition marks the eighth Red Bull Art of Can to take place in the US. Other successful exhibitions have been held throughout the world from Europe to New Zealand since 1997. In fact Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and South Africa have all inspired artists to create masterpieces made from Red Bull cans.
Art of Can offers a platform through which any person regardless of age is invited to take part. Artists, students, grandparents and all of those in-between are invited to submit their works of art. Art of Can is a true expression of the imagination with little or no restrictions placed on the budding artists.

The 2008 Red Bull Art of Can exhibition was held at The Galleria in Houston Texas this past July. The exhibition was open to all artists who could create an original piece of artwork inspired by or created with Red Bull cans.

View the Washington, D.C. gallery.



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