After a week of intense musical performances, Red Bull Thre3Style took over the middle of downtown Austin last night and gave the packed house the perfect chance to let loose and party. A crowd of more than 6,000 head-nodding, booty-shaking fans crowded the streets of 4th and Colorado for more than six straight hours of party-rocking music. Once the party started, it couldn’t be stopped.

Austin’s own DJ Manny got the party started early and DJ Spider set the dance floor on fire. DJ Craze, J. Rocc, DJ Juan McLean, and Cut Chemist kept the party hot throughout the night. The pinnacle of the evening came when DJ Jazzy Jeff took to the tables and put together one of the sweetest sets seen…and heard…all week. When Mos Def closed the show, the crowd was hyped and cheering for more.

“As much as I appreciate the serious music acts this week, it was so refreshing to be here tonight. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had,” said local Austin fan, Parker Duffie.

Though last night broke some of the event rules, Red Bull Thre3Style is an innovative concept that gives highly skilled DJs a platform to battle, perform, gain notoriety and express themselves in a party atmosphere. Eight DJs fight for the crowd’s favor, each with a 15 minute set that MUST contain at least three different musical genres.

Red Bull Thre3style is an international event series, and will feature 14 events across the United States, culminating in the U.S. National Finals in Denver on October 7. In addition to Denver, other cities participating include: Charlotte, Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, Denver, Birmingham, Orlando, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, St. Louis and Cincinnati. The winner from the U.S. National Finals will advance to compete in the Global Finals in Paris, France, where they will compete against the winners from twelve countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.



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