Julian Wilson Agustin Munoz / Red Bull Photofiles

Australian surfing sensation Julian Wilson is hoping to be back competing soon after suffering an ankle injury on a trip from Maui, Hawaii to California.

The 21-year-old from Coolum, Queensland is currently making his own signature film, which is scheduled to be released in the summer, and is also looking to make a World Qualifying Series push.

“While doing a crappy little air I got funky with the backwash," he said, "and my front foot slid off the side of the board so all my body weight came down hard on my back ankle. I've been in for scans and seeing a good doc and physio; it's a bit early for a full diagnosis but there are no breaks, dislocations or tears, which is a good sign.

“Bit of a bummer because I was just getting on a roll with filming for my movie and psyching about competing again! Just hoping a little rest and some hard work with the doc will have me back out there soon.”

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