Travis Pastrana Takes Moto X Freestyle Gold and stomped a massive double blackflip for the fans.

The “Wonder Boy” does it again! After a three-year hiatus from X Games Moto X Freestyle competition, Travis Pastrana showed up at the 16th running of action sports’ most prestigious event with one thing, and one thing only, on his mind—fun. In the sport of freestyle motocross, there’s nothing more fun than winning a major event, and TP did exactly that as he added his seventh X-Games FMX gold to his impressive collection in dominating fashion.

Pastrana came out in the elimination round drawing the typically unusual and creative “Pastrana” lines around the challenging course, and to no massive surprise took the top qualifying spot away from a stacked field of competitors. As the sun set on the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Travis would not disappoint his massive fan base as he threw down unique backflips to flat landings off tiny berms, and hit wallrides higher and faster than anyone else in the event.

Edging out Red Bull teammate Levi Sherwood for the gold after 2 of 3 runs, Pastrana was left with nothing but a victory lap before collecting his hardware. In true Pastrana form, however, the most decorated athlete in the games wouldn’t just leave his fans hanging, so he rolled out and casually stomped a massive double backflip like it was nothing more than a walk in the park.

“The double backflip was for the fans," Pastrana shouted just moments after taking X Games gold. "I figure...this is X Games… Go big! I just really want to thank Red Bull and all of my supporters. It feels great to be back on top of the FMX podium.”

New Zealand sensation Sherwood would come within a couple points of the FMX superstar, but TP was just too strong and too consistent on the night, leaving silver the only worthy alternative.

Stay tuned, as Pastrana will try to add three more medals to his already stellar resume before the end of the weekend.

Final Results
Gold: Travis Pastrana   
Silver: Levi Sherwood   
Bronze: Nate Adams   
4 - Mat Rebeaud

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