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Ever wish you could drown out the noise and create a soundtrack to your day? Here are 3 tracks off Gary Clark Jr’s latest ep, Bright Lights, paired up with 3 unique LA escapades tailor-made for your weekend.

Who is this guy?

At first listen, you may think the vocals of this bluesy frontman belong to the already decorated Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (it’s sort of an uncanny comparison, but you’ll get over it), but if you delve a little deeper into Gary Clark Jr.’s discography, you’ll unveil a seasoned Austin troubadour who’s three parts honeyed soul, two parts old school blues, and ten cups God-given talent. Melt into the velvety vocals and sink into the impassioned guitar mastery off his latest EP, Bright Lights, and you’ll begin to wonder how it’s possible that he’s only hitting your radar now.

To maximize your listening experience, we’ve paired 3 of his tracks with 3 LA escapades we strongly believe will heighten your senses and, if nothing else, provide you with a damn good soundtrack to weekend. So pop in the buds cue up your iPod because LA is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Music Pairings


Press play and listen to: Don’t Owe You A Thang
What you’re feeling: Adrenaline-rushed, playful, excited
Where you’ll go: Play hooky and call it an early weekend by spending a glorious beach day on the Westside.
What you’ll do: Let the uptempo rhythms of the brilliant electric blues riffs get you pumped for a morning bike ride. Start off in Santa Monica and take the Strand all the way to Venice. Douse your taste buds in a flavorful cup of Handsome Coffee at Deus Ex Machina, where you could also trade in your fixie for a vintage motorcycle, if Gary Clark’s rebellious lyrics have left you feeling particularly ballsy. Then, “vroom” your way over to Abbot Kinney to celebrate the “new you” and cap the evening off right doing something artsy at First Fridays.


Press play and listen to: Things Are Changing
If you’re feeling: Mellow, relaxed, “zen”
When you decide to: Have a “you” day on the Eastside
And find peace by: Gary Clark Jr. decides to unplug and step away from the amp literally on this track, so we suggest you do the same figuratively in your day. Leave your iThings at your desk and prepare to get lost in one of the crooner’s more soulful stylings. Drown out the sound of bantering hippies at the Kamboucha stand when you hit up the Silver Lake Farmers Markets.
You’ll be feeling pretty wholesome at this point (that would be the probiotics blah blah in the Kombucha, we guess), so take a trek up to the Griffith Park Observatory at dusk and drink in the serene setting of the LA sunset. Try your best to resist passing judgment on those hipsters struggling to traverse the terrain in their skinny jeans -- after all, this is a feel-good jam and you don’t want any bad karma to follow you along your day.


Press play and listen to: Bright Lights

What you’re feeling: Badass, feisty, spontaneous
Where you’ll go: Load the car up with your best buds and hit 3rd St from Mid-city to Hollywood
What you’ll do: Sunday is coming to a close and you’re about to catch a bad case of the Mondays. Just because you have to head back into the office in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t live up what’s left of your weekend.Turn up the volume and get dirty with Gary Clark Jr.’s filthy electric-guitar tones off his first single, “Bright Lights.” Nothing could start the evening off better than a dinner filled with obscene amounts of fried seafood goodness at Son of a Gun. Fancy a liquid supper instead? Pop over to The Churchill and fill up on deliciously-crafted cocktails. Inevitably, however, you will want to dance -- and dance, you will, my friend, at East Hollywood’s Harvard & Stone, where the bar is the stage and you are the star. Gary Clark Jr. sings, “Start with the bottle, End up with the bottle,” so please act accordingly.


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