Art Basel scene 3 Raymond Leon Roker/Red Bull Media House

Art Basel in Miami is miles of sparkling skyline, swank hotel pools and endless beaches, making everything into an artsy rap video. Luckily, promoters like Poplife and venues like Bardot make sure that authenticity doesn't get completely washed away with the surf.

This year at the annual art-and-party extravaganza, emerging DJ Nicolas Jaar put on a late-night set in Bardot's art-adorned venue that was as stark, soulful and intimate as anything you'd catch in London or New York.

nullAzealia Banks at the Terry Richardson party during Art Basel/Raymond Leon Roker/Red Bull Media House

Down the road at The Standard hotel's Terry Richardson party, Azealia Banks spit her Harlem flow as Instagramming VIPs captured both her swagger and the expansive blue-green ocean behind her.

And just when I thought my Saturday was mapped out, an impromptu detour into a sketchy part of downtown landed me at a party called Vibez at a dive-y venue called Toe Jam. Inside was a stunning video installation by celebrated auteur Gil Green.

nullVideo artist Gil Green/Raymond Leon Roker/Red Bull Media House

Through the open garage doors into an open air lot was a custom donk and lowrider set against Derick G's photographic backdrop of local hip-hop scenes. The DJ played the grimy kind of dancehall Miami pirate radio used to be known for, and an outdoor kitchen cooked up conch fritters and spicy shrimp. It was perfect, peaceful and probably only possible during Art Basel, in Miami.

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