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Red Bull athletes have been popular guests on the late-show circuit lately.

Last week, Sebastian Vettel made an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and Felix Baumgartner was on "The Tonight Show." On Tuesday night, Ashley Fiolek dropped by "Conan" with her father, Jim.

Conan O'Brien began by noting that the motocross champion started riding when she was merely 3 years old.

“What’s interesting is that you were riding a motorcycle,” he said. “You weren’t riding a tricycle when you were 3. You were riding a motorized bike.”

Ashley said, “I never really actually rode a bicycle. I didn’t learn how. I always rode a motorcycle.”

“Well, Jim, this question’s for you,” Conan joked. “What the heck were you thinking?”

Asked if there are disadvantages to competing in a world class motocross series as a deaf athlete, Fiolek said, "It's a little of a disadvantage. I can't hear, obviously, so I have to hold my line. I can't move around on the track because I'll hit [the other racers]."

She added, "It's an advantage off the track because I can't hear them talking trash about me."

Great stuff. Check out the first part of the segment below...

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