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Bachaco Create Their Own Brand of Hot Sauce

Bachaco Dustin Downing/ChinaShop Mag

Eclectic band Bachaco spent some time at Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles recently, and ChinaShop Magazine's Dustin Downing was on hand to snap a few shots and dig up a little background on the unique ensemble...

We only scratch the surface of Bachaco’s unique nature when we learn that the band's namesake, a Leafcutter Ant in Venezuela, is used by native Venezuelan Indians to create a picante sauce. Just like those native tribes, Bachaco blends dancehall, reggae, and cumbia with a dash of ska and hip-hop to create their own type of spicy global music.

Now, Bachaco’s unique Carribe and Latin sounds don’t just exist thanks to a name or a river of notes on a page. This music flows out of their souls thanks to the countless generations who have played Cumbia before them in their native U.S., Venezuela, Jamaica, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

This motley crew was established in 2007 and is comprised of brothers Eddy Morillo (vocals and cuatro, a four-string guitar) and Jose Morillo (vocals and bass), along with Mathew Jacquette (vocals and guitar), Domingo Medina (drums), Alex Cruz (trombone) and Bruce McKinnon (vocals and trumpet).

null Dustin Downing/ChinaShop Mag

"We developed our sound by being who we are," Eddy points out. "We sit down, we talk as friends and we let our culture come out into the music."

It’s this type of camaraderie that not only keeps their music tight, but allows them to have a lively stage presence and keep a dance floor full of writhing bodies. Be sure to check them out when they come to your neck of the woods.

Upcoming Bachaco Shows

April 6: Stork Club, Oakland
April 7: Elbow Room, San Francisco
April 17: Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX
May 1: Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

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